Administrative Summaries of the National Civil Aviation Agency

We, from Bruno Rabelo Advogados, seeking professionalism and quality in access to information, we have included in this file in PFD the Administrative Summaries of the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC do Brazil. We deeply hope that it will be very useful for the study of those and to facilitate practical application. In summary, […]

Gave RAMPA, now what?

Initially, I must explain that the term ‘ramp’ is used in aviation to designate the inspection procedures performed by the ANAC – represented by the INSPAC, usually while the aircraft is parked in the airport yard or hangar. Technically, it is the Ramp Operational Safety Inspection Program – PISOR. That said, it should be said […]

International Air Contract

Which is? The current market no longer knows the boundaries, it has not, for a long time, been limited by the territorial markings of the nations. Often, they are celebrated in one country and executed in another. The air market is a great example of this fact. The two largest manufacturers of large aircraft (Airbus […]

Future of Commercial Aviation

What to expect? In September 2018, the “ICAO World Aviation Forum” was held in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, one of the most important global events in the global aviation calendar. The forum focused on promoting investments to develop aviation. But, what to expect from this future? What is being thought as a necessity […]