BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, presents its Privacy Policy, a document that describes how it collects, registers, stores, uses, shares, enriches and deletes the personal data of its USERS, in order to demonstrate its commitment to privacy and the protection of data collected within the scope of the services and functionalities of the PORTAL, according to the laws in force.

As a condition for access to the legal contents related to Digital Law and the information technology offered by the PORTAL and use of its features, the USER declares that it has read and fully read this Privacy Policy, being fully aware, thus conferring its free and express agreement with the terms set forth herein. 


1.1. The data is collected when inserted or submitted voluntarily by the USER when updating its register through the link that accompanies our legal contents sent by email.

1.2. Information we collect directly from the user includes:

a) E-MAIL;

b) NAME;



e) CELLULAR, and

f) CEP.

1.2.2. Information considered as identifiable personal data that we collect from the USER’s navigation:

a) Activities carried out by the USER, collected through logs;

b) Cookies, through the Google Analytics tool, which collects the following information from the USER, anonymously and for analytical purposes:

          i) IP address;

          ii) Browser used;

          iii) Language settings, and

          iv) Pages accessed. USER will be able to know more details about Google Analytics privacy information in “How Google uses data when you use sites or apps from our partners,” located in <>. If the USER does not agree with the data collection by Google Analytics can deactivate it through the Add-on of your browser, available on the link <>.

1.3 The USER is responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information. We are not responsible for the accuracy, truth or lack thereof in the information provided by the USER.

1.4 All technologies used by the PORTAL will always respect the current legislation and the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.5 By browsing the PORTAL, the USER may be guided, via link, content or services, to other portals or platforms that may collect their information and have their own Privacy Policy.

1.5.1. It is up to the USER to access the Privacy Policy of such platforms outside the PORTAL environment, and it is their responsibility to accept or reject it. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy or the content of any websites, content or services linked to the PORTAL, including through links.


2.1. We may use your data that has been collected and the records of your activities in PORTAL for the following purposes:

a) Know who you are;

b) Promote our services;

c) Contact via email marketing, direct mail, customized ads, mobile marketing (SMS, WhatsApp), if necessary or if so requested;

d) To inform about novelties, functionalities, contents, news and other events relevant to the maintenance of the relationship with our USERS;

e) Analyze your information in a non-identifiable manner and for statistical purposes or for studies, surveys and surveys pertinent to the activities of your behavior when using the PORTAL;

f) To improve its use and experience in the PORTAL;

h) Improve our content and services;

i) To achieve our mission;

j) To defend our interests in administrative or judicial proceedings, and

k) Comply with a court order or administrative request. 

2.2. The consent to the collection of data provided by the USER is collected in a free, express, individual, clear, specific and legitimate manner.

2.2.1. In the event that the USER does not grant its consent for the purposes directly related to the provision of legal services and information on Digital Law made by BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, the services will not be made available to you.

2.2.2. If the USER does not grant his / her consent for the optional purposes related to sending information about courses and lectures made by our partners, the provision of services by BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS will continue to be done regularly.

2.3. The USER may perform the permissions management regarding the use of his data, through the service channels indicated in item 4.1. below.

2.4. The collected data and registered activities can also be shared:

a) With competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is an application, requisition or court order;

b) Automatically in case of corporate transactions, such as merger, acquisition and incorporation.

2.5. The database formed through the collection of data in PORTAL is our property and responsibility, and its use, access and sharing, when necessary, will be carried out within the limits and purposes of our business, being able, in this sense, the data be made available for consultation and assigned to suppliers and authorities, subject to compliance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

2.6. Internally, the data of our USERS are accessed only by duly authorized professionals, respecting the principles of proportionality, necessity and relevance for our purposes, in addition to the commitment of confidentiality and preservation of privacy under the terms of this Privacy Policy.


3.1. The data and activity records collected will be stored in a secure and controlled environment for a minimum of 6 (six) months, according to the Internet Civil Registry, observing the state of the art available. However, considering that no security system is infallible, we will not be liable for any damages and / or damages resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of our database, except in cases of fraud or guilt.

3.1.1. Data may be excluded before this deadline, if requested by the USER.

3.1.2. However, it may occur that data need to be kept for a longer period, by reason of law and / or court order. At the end of which, they will be excluded using safe disposal methods.

3.2. The data collected will be stored on servers of BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, contracted under the Hosting system, as well as in environment of use of resources or servers in the cloud (cloud computing), which causes, in the latter case, transfer or processing of the data outside in third countries.


4.1. The USER may request the display or correction of his or her personal data, through our service channel indicated below:

a) By e-mail: [email protected];

4.2. By the same tools of attendance the USER can: (i) request the limitation of the use of his personal data; (ii) express your opposition to the use of your personal data, or (iii) request the exclusion of your personal data collected and recorded by BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS.

4.2.1. In case the USER withdraws his consent for purposes fundamental to the regular operation of the PORTAL, the services and functionalities of the PORTAL may be unavailable to that USER.

4.3 We may, for purposes of auditing, security, fraud control and preservation of rights, remain with the record of data of our USERS for a longer period in the hypotheses that the law or regulatory norm so establish or for the preservation of rights. However, we have the right to exclude them definitively at their convenience in a shorter period, or at the request of the contracting company of BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS services.


5.1. We may change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time, according to the purpose or need, as for the adequacy and legal compliance of provision of law or norm that has equivalent legal force, and it is our responsibility to verify it whenever accessing the our PORTAL.

5.1.1. If there are significant updates in this document that require consent, BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS will notify the USER through the means of contact provided by him.

5.2. If you have any questions about the conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy or any document of BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, please contact us through the aforementioned service channels. It will be my pleasure to help answer any of your questions.

5.3. If outsourced companies perform the processing of any data collected by BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, they must comply with the conditions stipulated herein and the BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS Information Security standards, obligatorily.

5.4. If any provision of this Privacy Policy is found to be illegal or illegitimate by the authority of the locality in which our USER resides or his connection to the Internet, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

5.5. The USER acknowledges that all communication by e-mail (to the addresses informed by him), SMS, instant communication applications or any other digital, virtual and digital form are also valid as documentary evidence, being effective and sufficient for the disclosure of any matter that refers to the services provided by BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS, as well as the conditions of its provision or any other matter addressed therein, except for the expressly stated provisions of this Privacy Policy.


For the purposes of this document, the following definitions and descriptions should be considered for your best understanding:

Cloud computing: is a service virtualization technology built from the interconnection of more than one server through a common information network (eg the Internet) to reduce costs and increase availability sustained services.

Cookies: Files sent by the PORTAL server to the USERS ‘computer, for the purpose of identifying the computer and obtaining access data, such as navigated pages or links accessed, allowing, in this way, to customize the navigation of the USERS in the PORTAL, according to your profile.

Personal Data: Information relating to an identified or identifiable natural or natural person who is the data subject. An identifiable person is a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, identifiers by electronic means or to one or more specific elements of physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

IP: Abbreviation for Internet Protocol. It is an alphanumeric set that identifies the USER devices on the Internet.

Logs: Activity records of USERS made at BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS ‘PORTAL.

PORTAL: Internet platform of the site of the BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS office, located under the electronic address <>.

Session ID: Identification of the session of the USERS in the process of purchase of services or when access is made to the restricted area.

USER: Person who accesses or interacts with the activities offered by the PORTAL.


7.1. This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Brazilian law in the Portuguese language, and the Courts Forum of the city of Fortaleza shall be elected in the State of Ceará, in relations with USERS to settle any dispute or controversy surrounding this document, except specific jurisdiction of personal, territorial or functional competence by the applicable legislation.

Thank you for your attention, and welcome to the BRUNO RABELO ADVOGADOS PORTAL!

Update: May 12, 2019.

If there is any doubt about the conditions established in this Policy or any document of the Portal, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +55 85.99809.9835.